Monday, January 10, 2011

one year blog-iversary

It has be one year since I started blogging. Only one year? It feels like I've been in love with the blog world forever!  There has been times when I have wanted to stop feeling like no one reads... Looking at the past posts it reminds me how happy blogging makes me. Its been one year and I have a little over 100 followers and I have made some great friends.

GOAL OF 2010
1. Make blanket out of cute birdcage fabric.

2. Be more inspired - HELL YES!

3. Watch less T.V - I kinda did this ever since I started school. But I still watch lots of shows and movies on Netflix. I'm such a movie/show buff.

4. Save money for my tattoo. *Equally Important* Make final decision on what tattoo I want. - Cant wait for tax money to get another one!

5. Go to bed earlier - I have come to terms with knowing I will always be a night owl. *hoot*

6. Eat more fruit - I love fruit, no one buys it when they grocery shop

7. Make more things - Made so many things this year.  I'm so very proud of that.

8. Give more time to kitties Nala and Mo - They got lots of attention. After two years Mo has really become comfortable here. Hardly any "accidents" I've become much closers with Simba too. He lives at Mikes and since I've been living there during the week he has fallen in love with me. He used to be a little shy toward me. Nala is always my princess.

9. Currently in progress - I'm really not sure what I meant by this. HA!

10.  Finish books I start - Not so much. We can try again this year..

11. Work on my Personal Garden - I have for sure. I work hard on the things I love. I'm no longer obsessed with my relationship with my boyfriend. I do things for me. Like have my own cottage in the countryside..... i wish..


  1. your tattoo looks so pretty ^.^

  2. congrats pretty girl :)
    ...I'm a nite owl too and I luv it XD

  3. Hehe, I have your bedspread but it's my shower curtain <3 Congrats on making it a year and doing so well on your goals!!!

  4. That blanket you made is gorgeous, as is your tattoo. Happy blog-iversary!

  5. Yay for one year! Good job on finishing all those projects.

  6. Lovely tattoo! And little mushroom plush. I can't give up TV either. I watch a lot of Netflix too!