Monday, January 31, 2011

Independent Woman

Holy cow, I get a little bit serious! I'm kind of fed up! All my life I've been a strong and independent young lady. Not really asking anyone for help. I can sew anything, knit, change a toilet seat, make dinner, make a fire, build things out of wood, take care of myself, kill bugs, get my own drink at  bar, find my way when I get lost, go to the restroom without a lady companion, paint a room, take a fish off a hook, ect. It was just the way I was raised. Normally I am proud of being this person, sometimes it is just exhausting. I think for one week I want to be the girl that has everyone else done things for her. I wouldnt have to get dirty, sweaty, or worry about ruining my nails.. I wonder how much fun it is to be high maintenance. I would never have to do anything for myself.

"Oh no the chair broke, boyfriend, will you fix it?"
"Yes dear"
And TA-DA its done!

"I cant possible change the windshield wiper fluid in my car!"
Using my sex appeal ask some stranger to do it.

I dont know what I am trying to say here. I just wonder if any other ladies feel the same way.

Just for fun...


  1. Oh man, jazzy E also commented on my blog with his awesome giveaway where you have to give him your email for some reason.

    Anyway, yes. Once in a while I'll try it on for size, I'll just randomly be like "oh, it's too heavy" or "I'm too short to reach this thing" or whatever. And I always feel weird and lazy about it afterward.