Tuesday, November 9, 2010

give THANKS to Tom Hanks

Happy Give Thanks to Tom Hanks Day! 
Today November 9, 2010, I am proud to inform you it is the first Give Thanks to Tom Hanks day. It was invented by my boyfriend and suspect it will catch on super fast! Honestly, dont you think he deserves his own day! To celebrate, you should watch your favorite TOM HANKS movie.

The reasons I want to THANK Tom Hanks
        -The Burbs
                         -Marrying Rita Wilson
        -Toy Story
                          -The Playtone Comany
                                 -Where the Wild things are
                          -Creating Colin Hanks
            -Cast Away  
             -Forest Gump
                  -You've Got Mail
                             -A League of Their Own
                      -That Thing You Do


I love you tom hanks!


  1. This made me giggle :)
    'that thing you do' is one of my favs :)
    love your blog!
    check out mine if you get a chance.
    Its only knew so very little posts but I promise it will get better :) xxxx

  2. biff! what a GREAT HOLIDAY!! i love the reasons you gave!