Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicago life

These are my pictures from the last month and a half. I love the way you can see the seasons change. Chicago is the only place where you can have all four seasons in one week. Sometimes in one day.
-xoxo rebecca anne


 Our apartment was build in the early 1900's. I dont know if this door is original but I just love to day dream about all the people that used to live there. What was life like? Its right near Wrigley Field which was built in 1914. The house would be a little past the arrow, I think.  I just love it.

 The next door neighbors house looked perfectly FALL this week.

On the train! I dont like graffiti but I love shitty graffiti. The most amateur stuff. There is so much in the city I'll try to get more pictures.

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