Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tamar Morgendorff

Right after I was getting my tattoo this week, I walked past this florist called Asrai Garden.  (The florist has beautiful flowers too. I would love for them do to my future wedding) I saw these mushrooms in the window. Instantly drawn to them, I went in the shop to see how much they were. A lot out of my price rang for stuffed mushrooms, but I found out the name of the artist who makes them. Her name is Tamar Morgendorff and is from New York. I wanted to share some of her beautiful work.


  1. awww i just love those little bird cages at the bottom!x

  2. I love Tamar's work, I studied her at Alevel this year! I especially love her birds in the little bird houses!
    Laura x