Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cupcakes! *DING DING*

Because of my previous post, and since it was my brothers girlfriends birthday, we had to make a cake for her. Of course! You can never go wrong with rainbow cake. Unless you forget to add the eggs to the batter and find out that mixing the colors isnt always the best idea. So my boyfriend, my biff (Erica) and I made our first rainbow cake. It was an experiment, but everything turned out delish!

The boyfriend drew this adorable robot.

I can not wait to make these awesome rainbow cupcakes again! They turned out a lot prettier that the cake. There was no need to mix the food coloring just use plenty of drops. They colors are beautiful! So yummy too. (The batter reminds me of Hook)


  1. Those look so awesomely pretty and delicious! Now I want to make some too :3

  2. That robot is too cute!!! And I love those cupcakes, they are so so pretty!

  3. That looks awesome! PS, Hook is one of my favorite favorite movies!

  4. i've linked you blog! i hope thats ok with you?
    and i am still thinking about the penpal would be really nice to have mail from you fo' real cute letters..awww ...that would be GREAT! espcially when i get my sticker-machine muahahhaa...i think i will give it a try..i will write you on monday ok? cause i have to work on the weekend *grrr* :/

  5. Your "about me" section is hilarious. Cute robot cake :)