Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wildlife Zoo Vacation Part 2

On vacation my boyfriend and I went to a wild life park, pretty much a zoo. (check out the website, they have an awesome theme song) It was better than any zoo in Chicago. I took a million pictures, here are a few of them.

Everyone one knows I have three loves cats, owls, and deers. I TOUCHED A DEER! His antlers were fuzzy!

I know my finger is it this, but look how happy he is.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Happy little ram :)

Fat fat fat badger!
So cute


  1. that ocelot/cat thing looks so darned happy! He makes me happy!x

  2. Seriously?! That zoo looks freaking AMAZING. Those animals are seriously the cutest and happiest zoo creatures I've ever seen! Might need to let the bf drag me there to see it too :)