Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have an obsession..

Oh man, I was in desperate need of inspiration! I was loosing it. I finally got some.
I have a really obsession with guns. I cant even tell you where it comes from. My awesome brother even has given me a gun lamp. I love these pictures!

ME :)


  1. LOL.. great post.. i like your photo <3

  2. Eh. Guns. Not my thing, but my husband LOVES guns.. He loves shooting. He says there is something addicting about the smell of shooting a gun... go figure, the smell. Cool post though. Now... give me a cute toy gun like Zoe's and that's ok :)

  3. no don't do it! it is not worht it! don't pull that trigger(:

    I like things with guns on them, like necklaces, trapper keepers and what have you but i am not a fan of the real thing. to much power is never good in one's hands. but a machete on the other hand...solid gold! i hope you are having a marvelous day!

  4. haha that is so random! great photos, super cute :)


  5. I dont like real guns. I've never used one. But I love the visual affect of one in a picture.

  6. Ok- that's it...grab your guns and let's got take some studio photos. I'll bring my studio to you- it's photo shoot time!