Monday, May 24, 2010


This past weekend I went camping at Eby's Pines in Indiana. Its near Amish Country which is pretty cool. I was sad I didnt see any Amish. I havent been camping since I was 9 or ten. It was a lot of fun though. I went with my brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend, and a friend of ours. I cant wait to go again. Here are some of my pictures.

Really cool clouds

A strange picture of I dont know what

Apparently Heather loves Keith.....

The creepy little cabins. Just like in The Strangers
I love that movie

Lots of them

Our little shanty town


Pretty much our back yard

The fog rolled in

The little thief that stole our garbage. SO CUTE


  1. that looks like so much fun! i need to put together a camping trip ASAP!

  2. Omg this looks like a freaking blast!! Except A) I'm terrified of fog and B) is that a raccoon?!?!

    I love camping, bonfires, grilling food, tents and pretty scenery :) So jealous!

  3. Yeah, he was a sweet little raccoon. Kara how can you be afraid of fog?!?! Its my favorite weather!

  4. Fog is just....creepy! Like, I imagine that all fog is full of zombies and other terrifying creatures. I dunno, it's irrational. We don't have fog in Phoenix lol