Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two in One

Today is two blogs in one. This photo is what makes me happy. It's a semi-inspirational picture of what I want my new tattoo to look like. Many changes of course. After many months of research its the only one that spoke to me. I love my deers. Even ones that look rabid, possibly murderous, and maybe have leprosy : D

As way of letting her readers now more about her, Kaylah at Dainty Squid, posted some random facts about herself. She asked others to do so also. I was going to post this yesterday, but I got in a mood that there are no interesting facts about me. Oh well, here they are.

  • Most importantly I have three kitties.
                                 Nala she is my first kitty and my princess. She is also a barn cat

                                Mojito is the trouble. He is our foster kitty
                                             Simba is the sensitive one. He is a shelter kitty.
  • I've been dating my boyfriend, Mike, for the last 2 years.
  • I'm going to American Academy of Art of Chicago in the fall.
  •  I'm 5'11
  • I've live with my parents still.
  • Only one person in my family doesn't have tattoos. I have four. 
  • I have two older brothers.
  • Extreme animal lover.
  • I learned crafts from my mom and drawing from my dad.
  • I collect greeting cards. If I see one in the store I'll buy it for no reason. 
  • Almost any voice-over of a cartoon or on a commercial, I'll know whose voice it is.
  • I rarely can go a day without creating something.
  • I collect My Little Ponies

It sounds like I'm really boring. I couldn't think of anything else. Sorry.


  1. Omg my little ponies! I haven't thought of those dudes in a while. I just rediscovered my entire pogs collection and was WAY too excited about it, hahaha

  2. Seriously- let's just be friends and hang out every day already! I just post about my ponies rehab!