Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Office

The best show in the world is The Office! I have watched every single episode and deleted scene. I pretty much watch it every night when I go to bed. If you don't like this show I will come over to your house, sit you down, and make you watch every episode with me. Its silly and never makes me cry. Except when Jim bought Pam his parents house for her. Sigh

My favorite characters are Angela and Oscar. Angela, because she is the coolest. The fact that she is a cat lady also speaks to me. I am such a cat lady. Oscar is just so cute.

And just a really hot picture of Jenna Fischer. YUM


  1. hahaha, i watched the show for the longest time. and then once jim had pam.. i was no longer interested.

    oh well.

  2. I totally could not agree more! one of those shows that never gets old :) I Hulu it just about every day to watch while I work, and when Jim finally really proposed... I totally cried :/ *love*