Friday, April 23, 2010

Mojo's Big Bojo #1

That's why you dont let your boyfriend title your posts!Today we celebrated Mojitos first bojo. If you dont know what that means, bojo is short for first anniversary. Its been one year since we started fostering him. We had a little party!

Surprise! Happy Birthday Mo!

This is his birthday/anniversary cake

Nala showed up with presents

He got a catnip ball.

It was very yummy!

He also got a feather baton toy!

Nala liked it more.....

He had thiiiiiis much fun!!!
Even though it doesnt look like it...


  1. He looks like he had a great day! He is such a pretty color gray. I put a pic of the embroidery you made on my post today with a picture of my bunny. ^.^

  2. Awww! Cute Cute Cute. mew mew.
    I love kitties and your are just darling.

  3. Bahahaha that last photo is AWESOME. Sometimes I think about getting a cat just for the sheer hilarity it would bring to my life. Then I remember I'm allergic. Oh well!

  4. aw, I love animal birthday parties!! So so cute!