Monday, March 22, 2010

First Music Monday

This is my first music monday and I'm super happy about it. The Pipettes are a English pop band that sounds like classic 60's girl group. The girls have a really cute retro-modern style. They only have one album called "We Are The Pipettes, but it rocks and is so catchy. Its great for a road trip on a beautiful day. Windows Down! The three members are Gwenno, RiotBecki, and Rosay! Unfortunately their original members are no longer in the band, and they don't really have the same sound as they used to. I can still listen to the album over and over.
I hope you fall in love with them like I did.



  1. They have a lovely style!


  2. they are a cute group of chicks! i love female vocals! cant wait to check them out!
    driving on a beautiful day with the windows down and music blasting is one of my favorite activities!!!

  3. Hello My name is Katie :)
    I love your blog so I have passed an award onto you x

  4. Also I've seen the Pipettes at Leeds festival a few years ago and they were pretty good x